Fergui Pascual

Character Designer | Animator | 3D Modeller | Digital Painter | Rigger | Game Developer | Game Designer


I am a graduate of OCAD University's Digital Futures undergraduate, specializing in the making of video games in more of an indie focus. Growing up I had always wanted to use art to tell stories, and create immersive experiences, and I now aspire to use video games in order to create rich scenarios that allow players to lose themselves in the worlds I create. I presently work as a game Designer for Rubicon Publishing Inc.

My current main areas of focus are 3D characters and animation (modelling, rigging. texturing, and animating, in Blender), game development (javscript for Phaser [pixi], and C# scripting in Unity), 2D animation (Photoshop CS6, Flash, and After Effects), and digital painting (Photoshop CS6).


Twenty Billion Neurons - Character Artist & Developer

August 2019 - Present

In-house character artist and animator, responsible for the character avatar of the AI fitness app Ally Fitness


Impossible Things Co. - Production Artist

June 2018 - August 2019

In-house asset artist and animator, developing, and modifying, 2D and 3D assets for use within Augmented Reality Applications, under a game development pipeline. 


Rubicon Publishing Inc. - Lead Games Generalist

Fall 2016 - June 2018


In-house game designer, developer, and asset creator. Designing and developing educational math mini-games for elementary students as a component of MathUP. 



Freelance Game Artist/Animator

2014 - present


Freelance game asset creation and animation, working largely remotely with start up independent game studios on a contract basis.



Visions of Science Network for Learning - Seasonal 3D Instructor

Spring 2016


Contract based community centre instructor on 3D modelling, character creation, and animation in Blender



Design Exchange & Autodesk - Seasonal 3D Instructor

Summer 2015


As part of a partnrship between Autodesk and the Design Exchange's educational outreach program, I had intructed youth classes in entry level 3D Applications, both offsite, and onsite at the 3DXL Exhibit for the Design Exchange.



First Place Winner - Uken Game Jam



Done in 48 hours for, and first place winner of, the Uken Games Jam 2015 under the constraints "Under 5 Minute Playthrough" and "It's friggen cold out here," "Kindling" is a quick survival game in which the player tries to survive the cold winter night by cutting down trees and keeping their flame going.




OCAD University - Prospective Student Outreach

2012 - present


Paid opportunities to showcase works and advertise the Digital Futures undergraduate program, Activites range from information sessions, showcases, brief talks, visiting highschools, monitoring the Hour of Code, and running workshops.





Maher Sign Products - Highschool Co-op Opportunity

2011 - 2012


Unpaid opportunity to work within and learn from a graphic design and print media facility. Activities ranging from image touch-ups, assembling kits for clients, and working with vinyl wraps.



OCAD University - Digital Futures Undergraduate
2012 - 2016

Digital Futures branches between technology, innovation, design, and art, with focus on interactive design with specifics to digital game development. All the while providing opportunity to explore complimentary skill sets such as immersive story-telling, itterative-methodologies, physical computing, or asset creation,while providing an entrepreneurial foundation to allow students to graduate as multi-disciplined designers.





- Level Up 2013 (Something... Extra)

- Level Up 2014 (Flee)

- Gamercamp 2015 (Flee)

- Level Up 2015 (Sabre)

- OCE Discovery 2015 (Sabre)

- Level Up 2016 (Radio Noize)





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