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Sabre is a 1 v 1 fighting game where players battle it out on a spherical arena covered in babbits. Each player brandishes a large weapon and scores a point for every babbit they kill and ten if their opponent falls, in best of three rounds. Done in collabroration between OCADU and U of T over a semester.

Status: Finished


"Star Hopper" is an emotive character assignment done for OCAD University.

A child jumps from star to star like a shooting star on a mobile, under the warm watch of the mother star. Done to covey the feelings of awe and safety. Built with Blender, and Unity 3D

Status: Finished

Radio Noize

“As the world continued to build and progress the only way to go was up. City built upon city, layer over layer, plate over plate - a vertical scaling of social class presented itself before anyone even realized. Those at the top could enjoy the sun, without a second thought for what was beneath them, while each subsequent plate’s weight to carry grew. A new taxation was placed on the enjoyment and listening of music within a cliffside city, which snowballed down the tiers like a stone. In District Zero, the ground beneath the cliff, the true floor beneath the plates, food was uncertain, and music has just become pipedream.”

Status: Tabled


Personal projects, and old student work

A precursor to Radio Noize, Flee was the result of realization that a semsester was not long enough to complete such a project, and thus Flee is a procedurally generated runner in which players skate down musically generated tracks. Done in collabroration between OCADU and U of T over a semester.

Status: To Be Continued as Radio Noize

Something... Extra

In the not so distant future the world has reached what many believe is the peak - it's efficient, it's safe, and to young Violet, it's boring. As the world has nothing left to be discovered, technology has been created to allow stories to be written by having people enter virtual worlds where their actions are recorded, and their tales be made as video games, tv, or film. On her 16th birthday, Vi applies, and finds her assignment to be a videogame extra...

Originally attempted as a flash game in my first year of my undergrad (prior to game centred classes), this project is on hiatus until I feel I
have the necessary skill to do it justice. 

Something...Extra as is, is really my first ever step into games, and whether or not it is ever revisited, it's fun to look back to.
Status: Tabled


Float is a stop motion short in which a music loving subway passenger can only listen to the songs of the other passengers. Inspired by people in transit that don't realize everyone around them can hear what they're listening to, Float puts a positive spin on the exchange. The focus being that connections can be made through common interest - unlikely friendships, avoidances, and maybe even love.

Float is on hiatus due to lack of budget for materials, space, and time. However the project may be picked up again should this be resolved, or should the medium change.
Status: Tabled


Kindling is a quick survival game in which the player tries to survive the cold winter night by cutting down trees and keeping their flame going. Done in 48 hours for, and first place winner of, the Uken Games Jam 2015 under the constraints "Under 5 Minute Playthrough" and "It's friggen cold out here"

Status: Finished

The original file (Flash required)
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