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Faye is a resident of Tier 0 in her early twenties. She's short, with short red hair, pale skin, green eyes, and freckles. She sports a green sleeveless gogo-esque roller derby dress, a seatbelt belt festooned with bottle caps, knee-high inlines, and grey striped sleeves with yellow bands. Her helmet still sports a (rather unothodox) jammer star composed of the number 42, and she wears large novelty headphones which bear a pixie wing motif. Her upper left arm has a tattooed band with a butterfly for the same reasons.

Faye takes the utmost care of what little she has, and takes pride in what she does. She loves bottled soda to the point of near addiction, and is particularly fond of cream soda. Faye has an aversion towards throwing anything out, and always looks for other uses for things.

Animation Highlight Reel

In the very first stage of Faye's ideation, she had a generally pissed-off disposition, and was actually meant to be one of two optional player characters, a male and female respectively. But as development continued, it began to feel more and more like it was just meant to be her game, and her story, Thus the male player character took a side seat.

Faye's original design sported a tattered patchy vest, mismatch cotton candy sleeves, a seatbelt belt festooned with bottle caps, fishnet stockings, elbow and knee pads, a helmet sporting a jammer star and the number 42, a ring on either middle finger, and novelty radio antennae headphones. 

As more thought was put into who Faye would be as a person, it became more clear that the vest really didn’t suit her, nor did jewellry of any kind. Faye comes from the slums of Tier Zero - the all but forgotten oceanside floor beneath the plates. She then would have few possessions, and thus jewelry was already out of place. As much as the punk aesthetic of tattered patchy oversized clothes suited the story of where she comes from, it did not support how she responds to the world around her.

Her attire consists of things donated to her and her team through sponsors. Her most cherished possessions. Her pride. The image of Faye then began to form as one who takes the utmost care of what little she has, and who brandishes such proudly. She then would never hide her beautiful dress behind anything, let alone something tattered and patchy. The dress then was redesigned to be something that is simple, yet elegant - Something just within the reasonable bounds of being within her line of selection for appropriate attire. The Fishnets and protective padding was then dropped for the same reasons.


Faye and The Ground Zeroes
Faye is a former roller derby star from the slums of Tier 0. She grew up an orphan but found a family amongst the Ground Zeroes - Tier 0's only roller derby team, and only team at all for that matter. It was the ground zero who then gave her the name Faye, on account of her red hair. She embraced this name, and embodied it further when it came time to select her outfit from a sponsor. Faye took comfort in the equalization of the derby - in the arena, there are no tiers, just people, competing on equal footing. Everything about the derby was empowering. That was until the music tax made it near impossible for most Tier 0 residents to enter the arena. Unable to play for their own people, the Ground Zeroes ultimately disbanded.


As Faye was first conceptualized in conjunction with a joint game development class between OCADU and UofT, her first public appearance (though a much less refined version) came about at Level Up Student Games Showcase in 2014. The game was proposed then but was well beyond the student team's abilities at the time, and thus a smaller game Flee was made, which still used Faye as there was no time to create another model. Flee itself was ultimately a runner in which obstacles were generated by music.

First Look at Aesthetic
FayeRe Concept
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