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What is Fitness Ally?

At it's core, Fitness Ally is a HIIT focused home fitness app. Allie, your very own personal fitness assistant, is with you every step of the way to guide you through on-demand home workouts, while suggesting routines, counting your calories, and providing form feedback, in a way that's approachable and accessible to people of all levels.

How does it work?

Fitness Ally is powered by image recognition based AI, and uses your device's camera to see you work out in real-time and coach you through exercises with instant, and effective, feedback and motivation. 

Personal Involvement

During my time working on Fitness Ally with Twenty Billion Neurons, I got to serve many roles, and handle various responsibilities. When I first joined I was hired as a 'Character Animator & Developer', and  started out by inheriting the previously outsourced Unity project, and building out the pipeline to better suit a dynamic and responsive character within a larger tech stack.

As need and focus shifted I branched into art, and art tech, pivoting from the character model used in retail Kiosks, into one more suited as a fitness trainer, and continued to iterate the model and rig, and otherwise take ownership of the character; Allie.

With the pipeline established, and needs in both the volume and complexity rapidly growing, I built out a games team of developers, animators, and artists, and continued on as Team Lead, handling sprint planning and the feature roadmap, while representing my team in the larger scrum process.

In this role I served as the bridge between the more art and more tech, oriented members of my team, working primarily as a character artist, and rigger, while polishing integration points, expanding on features, reviewing work, and otherwise filling in and providing support where needed.

Who are Twenty Billion Neurons?

Twenty Billion Neurons (TwentyBN) is a a German-Canadian software company specializing in artificial intelligence and video analysis. A Microsoft M12-backed ai startup, TwentyBN  is committed to making personalized coaching and companionship accessible to all people.

Fitness Ally is available now on the iOS App Store, with an early access version available on the Google Play store. For more information about Fitness Ally, please see the the website:

Fitness Ally was, and is, developed by Twenty Billion Neurons, and makes use of their SenseKit API
for more information on TwentyBN, please visit:

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