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“As the world continued to build and progress the only way to go was up. City built upon city, layer over layer, plate over plate - a vertical scaling of social class presented itself before anyone even realized. Those at the top of could enjoy the sun, without a second thought for what was beneath them, while each subsequent plate’s weight to carry grew. A new taxation was placed on the enjoyment and listening of music within a cliff-side city, which snowballed down the tiers like a stone. In Tier 0, the ground beneath the cliff, the true floor beneath the plates, food was uncertain, and music has just become pipedream.”

What is Radio Noize?
Radio Noize is a 3D roller-parkour platformer game prototype in which the player must skate to the top of and highjack radio towers in order to bring music back to the masses.

The player assumes the role of Faye, a former roller derby star from the slums of Tier 0.

In response to the new music tax, a group of vigilante's configure a system in which specially designed radios can descramble radio frequencies masquerading as simple white noise. The one caveat being that the signal would still need to be sent from somewhere somehow. Armed with magnetic motorized inlines, Faye takes it upon herself to reach the top of the almost mockingly huge radio towers spread throughout.

Radio Noize was solo developed as a game prototype as an undergraduate thesis, which focused on an animator's approach to game design. 


It Begins
Forward March!
First Look at Aesthetic
Non-Instantiated Rail
Tier 0 Concept 01 WIP
Faye's Face
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