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Tier 0
Tier 0 Concept 01 WIP
Non-Instantiated Rail
First Look at Aesthetic

The Plates
The world of Radio Noize takes place in what can easily be described as one city, which is actually three. The city itself is built over an ocean side cliff, a series of plater were constructed in order to make space. The three plates consisting of Tier 1 or The Ground Plate, Tier 2 The Sky Plate, and Tier 3 The Crown Plate. Each plate easily a city in it's own right, built above and over the previous. A litteral vertically scaled social class system. Beneath the cliff, at the mercy of the ocean tides is the all but fogotten ground beneath the plates, a home for the homeless, Tier 0.

Tier 0 
Tier 0 is the result of generations of outcasts and squaters pure will to survive. No longer able to keep a substantial living condition on the plates, they migrated bellow the cliff, carving and shaping homes for themselves into the spire of the cliff, and even spilling out into pod like homes over the water. 

Life in Tier 0 is far from grandiose, or luxurious, but the people are humble, honest working folk. Run down, and shoddily constructed, Tier 0 manages to have a natural beauty. Technically not a part of the city, neither residencies nor residents of Tier 0 are are registered, and thus they are not given benefits such as healthcare by the city. Despite this, the residents manage to survive by looking out for one another.

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