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What is MathUP?

MathUP Classroom is a comprehensive, online, K–8 instructional solution Created by Marian Small, and developed by Rubicon Publishing Inc. MathUP helps build teachers’ knowledge and understanding of mathematics so they can better help their students.

MathUP Classroom is designed to support teachers to:

  • Build confidence in teaching math

  • Teach through essential understandings

  • Teach and assess with intention and purpose

  • Focus on effective ways to consolidate learning

  • Efficiently address all Ontario curriculum expectations

  • Increase student engagement through critical and creative thinking

  • Reach and extend all learners

Games & Involvement

Among the various learning resources, tools, and exercises, are short educational mini-games. In-line with the rest of the platform, the games are developed for web, and are playable on both desktop computers, and touchscreen devices.


I worked on the games for grades 5 & 6, as well as the beginnings of grades 1 & 3, having both designed and developed them, often contributing art and animation work. The grades I had worked on were developed using Phaser engine, while making use of Phaser Editor.

At this time, grades 4, 5, & 6, are live, and in schools.

For more information on MathUP as a whole, please visit:


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