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Radio Noize! DevBlog 1: The Story So Far

Thesis has finally officially begun! This means it's time to start documenting the progress! This is where I'll blog my developer notes about Radio Noize - an action platforming roller parkour game. As it stands I've really been on and off of this project for a while, and mulling over in the back of my mind for the passed 2 years. That being said, I've now been committed to development for the passed 2 months, and I've made fair progress (incoporating knowledge learned from previous attempts, and other projects). First, a quick look at Faye, the games protagonist, and her progression.

Faye is a former roller derby star from the slums, with a bit of an attitude, and, despite her outward reluctance, an inate desire to make a difference. She has a very Marxist outlook, but with a bias towards societies lowest and least capable. More that anything she has an obsession with cream soda. (On left) The very first sketch of faye, sporting short hair, freckles, a gogo dress, sleeves, pads, a helmet, knee-high skates, fishnets, a vest, a ridiculous pair of headphones, a belt festouned with bottle caps, and a ring on her middle finger.

(On right) Faye's first 3D render traded out her gogo dress for a T-shirt and a mini skirt (largely because they were easier) and dropped the pads, fishnets, belt, and middle finger ring.

(Above) Dubbed Faye-Revisit during development, a second attempt was made to model Faye which looked back to her original design more, bringing back the gogo dress, the bottlecap belt (now with a seatbelt buckle), and the pads, while ditching the vest. This version of Faye felt close, but I felt I could really push her anatomy further to bring her into the current generation of game graphics. Which finally leaves us with Faye-Rebirth (Or Faye-Re for short) (Bellow). Her Proportions being much more realistic, dropping the pads, adding an arm tattoo, switching her sleeves from a candy clour to more of a subtle pallete matching the rest of her outfit, and switching her big antenae headphones out for more of a pixie wing design,

Stay tuned for more updates!

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